Diamond Rain


VENDOR: Barbie Mills

$15.00 USD


Diamond Rain ©2022 Barbie Mills

** This is a digital pantograph. To be used on a long arm quilting machine with robotics.**

Upon purchase, you will immediately be sent an email with a .zip folder that contains the following pantograph files: BQM, CQP, DXF, HQF, HQV, IQP, PAT, PLT, QCC, QLI, SSD. 

This design is copyrighted and can’t be produced or published in any way without formal written consent.

This is an extended width design that includes BOTH:

- A version with an alternating direction stitch path, and

- A version with Left to Right stitching only

Pantograph Info:

Quilter Level: Intermediate
Offset: No Offset
Backtracking: No Backtracking
Type: Geometric

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